Thursday, June 18, 2009

Virginia Vacation!!!!

Well a bunch of churches decided to send our family on a vacation and force us to stop... something that was greatly needed.
So they sent us to Chincoteague Virginia, a island right on the coast.
So we drive down on a Monday night and arrived there Tuesday morning.
Our house is located in a area called Oyster Bay Community , it had a bunch or canals that lead right out to the cove so it's like every house is on the water, now you'll notice that our house is kind of high off the ground, well down there when they build a house they built it several feet off the ground to lower insurance costs for flood damage.
But we had loads of fun, we went to the beach almost every day, we went to Ocean City Maryland and walked the boardwalk, well at least some of it, it's liek 5 miles long.
So there is this island right next to Chincoteague island called Assateague island, now this island is a wild life sanctuary where there are wild ponies, deer, bald eagles and loads of aminals (yes i meant to spell aminals)
We went on a boat cruise to see some wild life around Assateague and that was pritty nifty.
The best beach is on Assateague island so you have to drive through it to get to the beach, so because the beach is on a wild life preserve there are no buildings or unsightly structures which make it one of the most beautiful rated beaches on the east coast.
But we took so many pictures that I'm hopefully going to make a video with all the pictures.

ARGGGGG!!!! (stupid pirates)



Here is a tour of our house