Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Hi everyone, i'm sorry that i haven't updated things on here in a while but It's been a spectacular and busy summer!!!
But right now i'm at church waiting for some people to get here and have a few spare moments and thought i'd give everyone an update with mio... READY? Here we go...
So in July Julia and i had the blessing of attending a youth camp in Alabama and we had a great time, God really moved in the services and it was nice to meet new people and reunite with friends and be apoted into families... let me guess your all like o.0 ...lol but Julia and I are official cousins with Jose and Chey Oliver, which means i now have to give a shout out: Hey Aunt Theresa!!!!!!
LOL, but anywho after camp there have been alot of other stuff.
Seven days after i got back from Alabama i got a virus that seems to be going around, i have a 103.9 degree fever for 9 days and couldn't keep food down for almost 6 days, and on top of that i caught a horrid cough which still lingers here with me.
But after i "recovered" life continued, and a few weeks later our church went to a camp in Somerset PA.
We had 19 go people including Pastor (my dad) and Aunt Bonnie (AKA Miss Bonnie, AKA Mrs. Vaquez, AKA Bonnie Vasquez etc.) and we had a grand time indeed.
I wish i could take an hour and 20 pages to tell you about this camp and how God worked but alas i can not at the moment so i shall have to tell the tale and all it's glory in a condensed form.
We drove down at about 3am on Monday morning and arrived for check in at 10am, the church there (Happy Valley Baptist Church) is one of the most hospitable churches i know of... besides mine.
During the morning and day time it's a fun filled camp for youth with many activities, but at night it turns into a camp/tent meeting where the community and other local churches are invited to attend.
But we had a lot of fun and had 5 of our people get saved!!!
But now as life goes on i will have more of a structured schedule which will allow more time to post things on this blog.
But i love you all and hope you all keep an eye out for some new stuff i have planned for here!!