Monday, December 14, 2009


I LOVE SNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That is a scene from one of favorite movies of all time, White Christmas, if you haven't seen it... you should.

Anywho, I'm am a true lover of snow here is a picture of a snowflake under a microscope.

but when we think of snow many might think different things, Storms, blizzards, no school, snow forts, decorations, Christmas or what ever you might think.
But i love waking up and seeing the world covered in a perfect, pure sheet of snow as if to blanket the world and give it comfort.

So tell me what you think about snow, leave a comment in the comment section and i'll ttyl


Thursday, December 3, 2009

To Dream

Dreaming... when we hear the word we think of many things. Sleeping, daze and imagination to name a few.
But just imagine what life would be like without dreams, without ambitions, without hope.
A very dull place it would be indeed I'll say.
So no matter how old you are, always dream.
No matter how dim your life may be, always dream.
No matter how many times people tell you your wasting your time, always dream.
No matter what hurdles you might have to overcome, always dream.
No matter what people might say behind your back, always dream.
No matter how your loved ones might treat you, always dream.
No matter how rich or poor you might be, always dream.
And no matter how far the light at the end of the tunnel might be, always dream.
So many times we dream and imagine as children what we might want to be when we grow up, but as we grow older we might lose that sense of fascination with the world and all the many grand things it hold.
But i urge you to NEVER lose that feeling, that hope, that urge to be someone great.
Many times we dream of being a nurse, fire fighter, police officer, world traveler, writer, musician or anything imaginable.
But what we don't realize is that we can be all those things with God's help.
So i leave you with this final note,
Dream Big

Love you all,

Saturday, October 17, 2009

This Week

Well this week was a lot of fun!!!
Sunday We had friend day with 17 first time visitors and i believe over 20 visitors in all, complete with a HUGE potluck dinner (most likely the biggest we have had here)
Then Monday was school then on Tuesday Evening my sisters Salina and Sarah took me and my friend Mike Strobel to dinner in downtown Rochester and we had a lot of fun seeing some sights and going to a really neat coffee place right next the Eastman Theater called Java's.
Then Wednesday was Piano and church that night. Thursday mom took all us kids to Batavia with the Calelz family for ice-skating, and it was only my third time going but i had loads of fun and didn't fall down!!!
oh i almost forgot, on Wednesday a family that are friends with the Allis family (who are currently going to our church, they were missionaries to Belarus until the government booted them out)
are immigrating to the US, they flew from Minsk and arrived in JFK airport on wednesday and Bro. Allis drove there to pick them up.
Now i knew they were coming here but i didn't know they were moving to the US.
I helped them unload and they had 2 boys (Vova - 19 and Andre- 10) the family dog and 5 suitcases... FIVE.
They sold everything and moved to a whole new country and only the older son and the father can speak english... And they have thier ENTIRE LIFE IN FIVE BAGS.
I've been thinking about that for several days now.
Could you imagine doing that and putting your life in 5 bags.
We here in America have so much to be thankful for.
So the week went on and on Friday night i had Bible study then went to the Vasquezs house for junk food and a movie.
Then today (Saturday) I just got back from Ridge Road Station open house. Click here to see what that's about.
So that's my week.
Hopefully I'll be posting some really cute pictures of my baby brother Nathaniel soon.
Also i'd like to get a feel for who reads my blog so if you read this please leave a comment with maybe some new ideas for the blog.
I'm always open minded (hence the name of the blog)
Well, love you all, Bye! (^_^)

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Bonsai Trees!

With my dad being a electrician he goes to all sorts interesting (and not so interesting) places to work. One of the recent jobs was a Bonsai (properly pronounced BONES-EYE) Grower in Henrietta.
The cool thing is it's one of the most largest and well know Bonsai Tree Exhibits IN THE WORLD.
And it's all in his back yard. His house was burned down due to bad wiring and my dad was hired to do the wiring in the new house.
Mr. Valvanis (the owner) has a conference that fills hotel on that side of Rochester, with people from all over the world (mostly Japan) to see his collection.
Most of the trees are over 100 years old and worth hundred or MILLIONS of dollors... i'll let that settle in for a minute... I shall continue now that your over the shock.
But the pictures you will see in the video and stunning. I had to make a video so it would take forever to upload. The trees in the green room and tropical trees and require proper temperature to live, the rest live in pots outside year round.
If you have any questions please leave it in the comment section and i'll see if i can find the answer. Also if you want a particular picture, let me know and i can e-mail it to you.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Hi everyone, i'm sorry that i haven't updated things on here in a while but It's been a spectacular and busy summer!!!
But right now i'm at church waiting for some people to get here and have a few spare moments and thought i'd give everyone an update with mio... READY? Here we go...
So in July Julia and i had the blessing of attending a youth camp in Alabama and we had a great time, God really moved in the services and it was nice to meet new people and reunite with friends and be apoted into families... let me guess your all like o.0 but Julia and I are official cousins with Jose and Chey Oliver, which means i now have to give a shout out: Hey Aunt Theresa!!!!!!
LOL, but anywho after camp there have been alot of other stuff.
Seven days after i got back from Alabama i got a virus that seems to be going around, i have a 103.9 degree fever for 9 days and couldn't keep food down for almost 6 days, and on top of that i caught a horrid cough which still lingers here with me.
But after i "recovered" life continued, and a few weeks later our church went to a camp in Somerset PA.
We had 19 go people including Pastor (my dad) and Aunt Bonnie (AKA Miss Bonnie, AKA Mrs. Vaquez, AKA Bonnie Vasquez etc.) and we had a grand time indeed.
I wish i could take an hour and 20 pages to tell you about this camp and how God worked but alas i can not at the moment so i shall have to tell the tale and all it's glory in a condensed form.
We drove down at about 3am on Monday morning and arrived for check in at 10am, the church there (Happy Valley Baptist Church) is one of the most hospitable churches i know of... besides mine.
During the morning and day time it's a fun filled camp for youth with many activities, but at night it turns into a camp/tent meeting where the community and other local churches are invited to attend.
But we had a lot of fun and had 5 of our people get saved!!!
But now as life goes on i will have more of a structured schedule which will allow more time to post things on this blog.
But i love you all and hope you all keep an eye out for some new stuff i have planned for here!!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Blessing - Celtic Woman


Thursday, June 18, 2009

Virginia Vacation!!!!

Well a bunch of churches decided to send our family on a vacation and force us to stop... something that was greatly needed.
So they sent us to Chincoteague Virginia, a island right on the coast.
So we drive down on a Monday night and arrived there Tuesday morning.
Our house is located in a area called Oyster Bay Community , it had a bunch or canals that lead right out to the cove so it's like every house is on the water, now you'll notice that our house is kind of high off the ground, well down there when they build a house they built it several feet off the ground to lower insurance costs for flood damage.
But we had loads of fun, we went to the beach almost every day, we went to Ocean City Maryland and walked the boardwalk, well at least some of it, it's liek 5 miles long.
So there is this island right next to Chincoteague island called Assateague island, now this island is a wild life sanctuary where there are wild ponies, deer, bald eagles and loads of aminals (yes i meant to spell aminals)
We went on a boat cruise to see some wild life around Assateague and that was pritty nifty.
The best beach is on Assateague island so you have to drive through it to get to the beach, so because the beach is on a wild life preserve there are no buildings or unsightly structures which make it one of the most beautiful rated beaches on the east coast.
But we took so many pictures that I'm hopefully going to make a video with all the pictures.

ARGGGGG!!!! (stupid pirates)



Here is a tour of our house

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Family Camp!!!

Every year for the past 13 years our family has directed a family camp, this was the 4th year doing it with the church we are at now. And it's always loads of fun.
But this year our family was surprised big time, a bunch of churches are sending our family on vacation!!!!!!! we leave Tuesday June 2, and we're going to Virginia.
They rented a house for a week for us down there so it's right on the beach i think, but we'll go to Ocean city (about an hours drive away) and my mom said that there is a NASA visitors center a few miles away so we might do that, but personally i'm looking forward to doing nothing!!!!
But here are some pics of Family Camp 2009

Tim and Rob

Wes & Me

Pure Silliness

So every year at camp Rebecca Massa has a birthday, and i always feel bad that i forget so this year... I DIDN"T!!! so i got her a sweet purple purse and a Chocolate Mousse Cake with Rasberry filling. Here's a few pics of the celebration.

Here is a couple of us teens singing a special

So being interesting in media and film and what not, i love shooting videos and stuff. So we rented a cool costly camera to make a promotional video for family camp to send out to other churches. So the whole time during camp i'm walking around camp with all this equipment and stuff and one day randomly tim ttok some cool pics of me with my brelly and aviators and other cool stuff that made me look like a modern Steven Spielburg

Wes being my camera man. (to bad i didn't have a starbucks cup to go with this)

Tim being sweet with Robs aviators.

I adore this pic of Tim!!!

Well that's all for now, i'll be sure to get some good pics of us on our vaca in VA.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Yesterday I spent the afternoon in Lockport with some of the greatest people in this whole wide world.
Johanna and Cheyenne were in town visiting their cousins so I went out there and we had a grand time even if it was just a few hours.
The number of inside jokes birthed that day was a rawther large number, from "SCRIBBLEMUFFIN" to "what time do you go to bed?".... also "miffy" and "Idgit".... good times....
anywho right now i'm going to say a few things about each of my best friends i saw yesterday whom i havn't seen all together in like... 1 year.
(there is no perticular order to this just aphabetical)

I want you to know that i have learned so much from you and love seeing your drawings and sketches, you always brighten up a room upon entering and move with supreme grace and a touch of authority...
Je t'aime

You have taught me soooo much about just... life, the healing powers of a hug, the peace that somehow comes randomness and the joy of NOT CARING WHAT OTHER PEOPLE THINK!!!!....Je t'aime

Words cannot express how much i love y
ou man, you carry yourself with great dignity and yet with great humbleness. You are always open minded and willing to go along with some funny joke I'll sporadically come up with (like the whole British accent thingamabob)...Je t'aime

It's amazing how our likes and dislikes are so much alike,
I feel blessed to know you as my friend. i will ALWAYS think of you as a brother and pray you will as well...Je t'aime

I still laugh when i think of you Wes, your a great friend who seems to know at times just what to say to make me laugh which is something
i could never put a price on...Je t'aime

There is soooo much i could say about each and every one of you guys but this is just a snipit of me saying how much Je t'aime (BTW Je t'aime means I LOVE YOU in french)

P.S. Johanna was the last one to touch me, lol, just to clear things up

Friday, May 1, 2009

Clear The Roads

Well I got my permit in the mail yesterday and today i drove on 490W for the first time and guess what? I saw... you ready? ELEPHANTS!!!!!!!!!! Yeah for real.
This week the Wrigley Brothers Circus is in town and i saw their set-up while on the interstate.
So now today I'm going to tell people "I drove for the first time on 490 and saw 5 elephants"
Just to see how it will go over and watch their faces go like 0.O

Blog Layout

Well I finally decided on a layout for my blog and i think i like it loads... let me know what you think.
And don't worry i'll be putting stuff up here real soon, i got a new camera so i will most of the time have it on me to... randomly documenting the "happenings" of my

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Yippie Doodles!!!!!!

Well here it is... needs some work but it will get there... eventually.
so yeah, this is my new blog (or first to be exact)
but will be on it's way!!!