Monday, December 14, 2009


I LOVE SNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That is a scene from one of favorite movies of all time, White Christmas, if you haven't seen it... you should.

Anywho, I'm am a true lover of snow here is a picture of a snowflake under a microscope.

but when we think of snow many might think different things, Storms, blizzards, no school, snow forts, decorations, Christmas or what ever you might think.
But i love waking up and seeing the world covered in a perfect, pure sheet of snow as if to blanket the world and give it comfort.

So tell me what you think about snow, leave a comment in the comment section and i'll ttyl


Thursday, December 3, 2009

To Dream

Dreaming... when we hear the word we think of many things. Sleeping, daze and imagination to name a few.
But just imagine what life would be like without dreams, without ambitions, without hope.
A very dull place it would be indeed I'll say.
So no matter how old you are, always dream.
No matter how dim your life may be, always dream.
No matter how many times people tell you your wasting your time, always dream.
No matter what hurdles you might have to overcome, always dream.
No matter what people might say behind your back, always dream.
No matter how your loved ones might treat you, always dream.
No matter how rich or poor you might be, always dream.
And no matter how far the light at the end of the tunnel might be, always dream.
So many times we dream and imagine as children what we might want to be when we grow up, but as we grow older we might lose that sense of fascination with the world and all the many grand things it hold.
But i urge you to NEVER lose that feeling, that hope, that urge to be someone great.
Many times we dream of being a nurse, fire fighter, police officer, world traveler, writer, musician or anything imaginable.
But what we don't realize is that we can be all those things with God's help.
So i leave you with this final note,
Dream Big

Love you all,