Saturday, October 17, 2009

This Week

Well this week was a lot of fun!!!
Sunday We had friend day with 17 first time visitors and i believe over 20 visitors in all, complete with a HUGE potluck dinner (most likely the biggest we have had here)
Then Monday was school then on Tuesday Evening my sisters Salina and Sarah took me and my friend Mike Strobel to dinner in downtown Rochester and we had a lot of fun seeing some sights and going to a really neat coffee place right next the Eastman Theater called Java's.
Then Wednesday was Piano and church that night. Thursday mom took all us kids to Batavia with the Calelz family for ice-skating, and it was only my third time going but i had loads of fun and didn't fall down!!!
oh i almost forgot, on Wednesday a family that are friends with the Allis family (who are currently going to our church, they were missionaries to Belarus until the government booted them out)
are immigrating to the US, they flew from Minsk and arrived in JFK airport on wednesday and Bro. Allis drove there to pick them up.
Now i knew they were coming here but i didn't know they were moving to the US.
I helped them unload and they had 2 boys (Vova - 19 and Andre- 10) the family dog and 5 suitcases... FIVE.
They sold everything and moved to a whole new country and only the older son and the father can speak english... And they have thier ENTIRE LIFE IN FIVE BAGS.
I've been thinking about that for several days now.
Could you imagine doing that and putting your life in 5 bags.
We here in America have so much to be thankful for.
So the week went on and on Friday night i had Bible study then went to the Vasquezs house for junk food and a movie.
Then today (Saturday) I just got back from Ridge Road Station open house. Click here to see what that's about.
So that's my week.
Hopefully I'll be posting some really cute pictures of my baby brother Nathaniel soon.
Also i'd like to get a feel for who reads my blog so if you read this please leave a comment with maybe some new ideas for the blog.
I'm always open minded (hence the name of the blog)
Well, love you all, Bye! (^_^)

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Bonsai Trees!

With my dad being a electrician he goes to all sorts interesting (and not so interesting) places to work. One of the recent jobs was a Bonsai (properly pronounced BONES-EYE) Grower in Henrietta.
The cool thing is it's one of the most largest and well know Bonsai Tree Exhibits IN THE WORLD.
And it's all in his back yard. His house was burned down due to bad wiring and my dad was hired to do the wiring in the new house.
Mr. Valvanis (the owner) has a conference that fills hotel on that side of Rochester, with people from all over the world (mostly Japan) to see his collection.
Most of the trees are over 100 years old and worth hundred or MILLIONS of dollors... i'll let that settle in for a minute... I shall continue now that your over the shock.
But the pictures you will see in the video and stunning. I had to make a video so it would take forever to upload. The trees in the green room and tropical trees and require proper temperature to live, the rest live in pots outside year round.
If you have any questions please leave it in the comment section and i'll see if i can find the answer. Also if you want a particular picture, let me know and i can e-mail it to you.