Saturday, May 22, 2010

Life is but a vapor.

For those of you who have not heard the news i shall tell it now.
Last Sunday 2 young ladies from PCC were vacationing in Maine.
One of them was Carrisa Ireland, daughter of Mike and Robin Ireland of whom my family have been friends with for to many year to count. The Ireland family are missionarries to Ukraine. The other girl was Irina McEntee who attended PCC with Carrisa. The McEntee family lives in Georgia and invited Carrisa to go on a vacation to their summer home in Maine. This past Sunday while in Maine the girls decided to go Kayaking to a small island that was less than a mile away from the island that they were staying at. Irina has grown up kayaking and is very experienced. The weather was 74 and balmy, no wind and very peaceful, after arriving on the island they were last seen by Irina's parents pushing their Kayaks onto the beach of the island. While on the island 23 MPH winds kicked up and the temperature dropped. The tide started going out and teh girls while coming back were struggling, Carrisa kayak capsized and couldn't get back in. The water was 48 degrees. Irina knew that if she jumped into the water she would also not be able to get back into the kayak but jumped in anyway. According to reports the water was so cold that the girls died with half in hour, they were found the next morning after search parties looked all night. If you would like to read an official news report, copy the link:

I grew up with Carrisa and Mikie Ireland for a while. I loved hanging out with them when they came state side, Carrisa was never without a big smile and happy heart.
She was a true example of someone given fully to God, she was in her 3rd year at PCC for Elementary Education and was working 3 jobs for college. She never considered herself American and loved the people of Ukraine and planned to go back and be a teacher. Last night my mom, dad and myself greeted the Ireland family at the airport and it was rough to say the least. There was a midsized crowd there as well.
For those of you who don't know this but 20 years ago my mother and Mrs. Ireland met in the nursery at First Bible Baptist Church and both had children the same age, Carrisa and my brother David. David died when he was 2 and a half years old with his cousin Shayna who was 4 at the time in a drowning. My mom has had a very hard week. She said that all the hurt comes back from so long ago. Our family has known many close families who have lost children and I could name about 4 or 5 right now. Please continue to pray for the Ireland and McEntee family, the memorial service for Irina is on Tuesday and is in Georgia and Carrissa's memorial service is this coming Thursday.
Thanks God they are both in heaven and we shall see them again.

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