Friday, July 30, 2010


So I decided it was time to update the blog and give it a make over. I had a great budget of $278,927. Half of it went to the header font (got a good deal too) then the rest of the $139,463 we spent on... a jacuzzi helicopter. That cost quite a bit... more than I thought it would. But let me know whatcha think aboot it. I'm shooting a wedding today so that will be fun!!! I'll post the trailer after it's edited on here and a few other places. Anyhoozle i'm all sweaty from my run so i need to go take a shower and get ready for the wedding. Lovez Youz All!!!

Todays blog was brought to you by the most reliable name in liquid clean-up...

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~Johanna~ said...

w-h-o-a! where the heck do you peoples get that kind of money?! that's mad crrraaazzzyyy! i want in. haha. ;) And i LOVE the new look. :D