Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Hi everyone! So much has been happening and going on its' been forever since a update.
To start i have official graduated from High School!
It's very exciting and I'm looking forward to the future.
People have been bugging me and keep asking me "Where are you going to college?!?!". SO I'm here to tell you all what going on. I am NOT going to college this fall, and here are a few reasons why:

1, This year at church has been our first year where we haven't been doing major remodeling projects and have focused our energy into the ministry and people, now that we have a building to function in. And I'll tell you what... IT'S EXCITING!!!!! We have been in the 115ish mark in attendance on Sunday AM and our other services are growing. People are energetic and looking forward to more growth. To be honest i don't want to leave!!! I LOVE going to church and serving, worshiping, learning and fellowship.
There is a vision and we are pressing towards the mark.

2, I've started my Wedding Cinematography business, "Palette Films" is the name and I'm already booking weddings, in fact i'm gearing up for a wedding to shoot this Friday.

So those are some things going on, I am going with Julia, Mateo (Church Music Director) and Grayson (friend from church) are going to Music College.
It's a 2 day seminar run by Ron Hamilton (AKA Patch the Pirate)
Then there is teen camp in August which is going to be AWESOME!!! Eddie Wyatt, CT Townsend, Tony Shirley are just a few preachers to name a few.
But I'll be posting more stuff soon.

Love You All,

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